Kevin Macke MS student of department of Materials Sciense and Engineering at CWRU officially joined JJL research group. Kevin Joined MSE department in 2011 as a part time master student and currently is working with Thermo Fisher as an engineer.

His MS project is on the Slow Strain Rate Tensile testing in saline environment as well as slow rate fracture toughness testing. Kevin collaborate jointly with Mohsen Seifi who is working under supervision of Prof. Lewandowski Arthur P. Armington Professor of Engineering II. This project is funded by Office of Naval Research (ONR).

Mohsen Seifi, Doctoral Researcher is the recipient of the 2014 ASM International Cleveland Chapter President’s Award. The Cleveland Chapter President’s Award is presented annually ‘to the one person the Chapter Chairman feels contributed the most for the good of the Chapter in promoting the goals and objectives of ASM International’. The Chapter Chairman selects the recipient. Mohsen accepted his award at the May 2014 ASM International Cleveland Meeting held at ASM International HQ. The details of this award can be found on the ASM Cleveland Website here.

Mohsen and Matt Dahar, doctoral researchers in the AMMRC at CWRU with Professor Lewandowski, attended the ASM Educational Symposium on Additive Manufacturing which was held at OAI on May 12, 2014. Various talks were delivered while local and national companies demonstrated their products. This symposium was the Chapter’s annual education event and provides Chapter members and other interested parties the opportunity to improve their knowledge and network on topics of current interest.

One of our journal papers was recently selected as one of the landmark articles published in Nature Materials over the past 10 years. Details on the selection and other articles chosen are given by the link and the information below.  This article was previously selected as one of the 10 most influential articles from 2002-2007 and now it has been selected as one of the 20 most influential over the timeframe 2002-2012.

Nature Materials is ten years old, and we use this occasion to look back at how authors, reviewers and editors have contributed to the journal. We feature on the cover of this issue a 'word cloud' that shows the most recurrent words that appeared in the titles of published articles, and discuss in an editorial statistics on manuscript decisions and on the geographical share of manuscripts and reviewers. We also list a selection of what we consider landmark articles published in the journal over the past ten years.

Highlighted articles

A selection of 20 papers among those that we consider landmark articles published in the journal over the past ten years. They are ordered by subject area, from condensed-matter and applied physics to materials chemistry, soft matter and biomaterials.

January 2006

Temperature rise at shear bands in metallic glasses

John J. Lewandowski & A. Lindsay Greer

The development of materials capable of handling large mechanical stress requires the understanding of energy dissipation within the material. Here, a clever experimental technique demonstrates that deformation-induced shear bands take most of the heat.

Full text- Temperature rise at shear bands in metallic glasses