Henry Neilson, Jessica Booth and Matt Dahar successfully defended their master theses in the Spring 2014 and Dr. JunYi will be leaving the group to join another research group at ETH Zurich,Switzerland. Jessica Booth will join GE Oil & Gas while Henry and Matt will continue in the group as PhD students. Professor Lewandowski, Mohsen Seifi, Professor Willard, Professor Holroyd, Dr. Jun Yi, and Chris Tuma are shown below after the celebration dinner held at Fire Restaurant. 

Mohsen Seifi, Doctoral researcher at Case Western Reserve University is one of the recipients of the 2013 ASTM International Project Grants Award for his thesis research on the Fracture and Fatigue behavior of Al-Mg Alloys After Long-Time Low Temperature Exposures. His research focuses on understanding the Sensitization effects on the fracture and fatigue crack growth behavior of Al-Mg alloys which are widely used in naval applications. He presented this work at the ASTM bi-annual meeting and received an award. The details of this award are available here and the papers can be downloaded from here.

JJL Group members presented various research posters at the 2014 CWRU ShowCASE. Jessica Booth, John Bobanga, Matt Dahar, Janet Gbur, Henry Neilson, Mohsen Seifi, Jun Yi, Chris Tuma and Rich Tomazin presented their research work to industrial, government lab, and other academic investigators at this annual event. 



Dr. Suveen Mathaudhu, Army Research Office program manager and Adjunct Professor at NCSU, visited JJL group to discuss their works on Bulk Metallic Glasses. Henry Neilson, Jessica Booth, Mohsen Seifi and Jun Yi presented their work.

Suveen Mathaudhu's primary position is serving as the program manager responsible for synthesis and processing of materials with the U.S. Army Research Office (ARO), Materials Science Division. Dr. Mathaudhu began his career with a post-doctoral fellowship, and subsequently a civil servant position at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Weapons and Materials Research Directorate with the purpose of establishing deformation-processing laboratories for research on advanced metallic and composite materials. Since joining ARO in 2010, he manages programs which focus on the use of innovative approaches for processing high performance structural materials reliably and at lower costs. Dr. Mathaudhu's current research interests include: ultrafine-grained and nanostructured materials by severe plastic deformation, microstructural optimization and homogenization, consolidation of metastable particulate materials and processing-microstructure-property relationships of refractory metals and lightweight metals, integrated computational materials engineering, and thermally stable nanocrystalline materials. He is also an active member of TMS where he is the primary organizer of the Ultrafine-Grained Material Symposium, and also serves as Chair of the Magnesium Technology Committee.

Prof. Jim Williams, Recipient of the 2014 Zay Jeffiries Award of ASM Cleveland Chapter visited JJL Group to discuss their research works.

Mohsen Seifi and Matt Dahar presented their work on Additive Manufacturing of Ti6Al-4V, in addition to next generation of TiAl turbine blade materials.  Separate discussions were held on sensitization of AlMg naval alloys.

Jim Williams is a Distinguished Research Professor (quarter time appointment) at the University of North Texas where he is involved in research and program development activities for the relatively new Materials Department. He also is Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Honda Chair Emeritus atThe Ohio State University. He was Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Honda Chair from Summer 1999 until Fall 2010. He served as Dean of Engineering at OSU from 2001-2004. Until March 1999 he was General Manager, Materials and Process Engineering Department, GE Aircraft Engines (now GE Aviation). Prior to joining GE in 1988 he spent 13 years at Carnegie Mellon University as Professor (‘75-‘80), President of Mellon Institute (‘80-’83) and Dean of Engineering (‘83-‘88). Prior to 1975 he worked for Rockwell as a researcher, Group Leader of Physical Metallurgy Research and a member of the Aerospace Group Corporate Staff managing a large, diverse technology program. Before that, he worked for Boeing in the quality and engineering divisions. His last assignment with Boeing was a Group Leader of a group working primarily on Ti alloy R&D intended for use in the Boeing Supersonic Transport Program.