Arthur P. Armington Professor of Engineering II
Director: Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical Reliability Center (AMMRC)
BS, Carnegie-Mellon University, (1979) 
ME, Carnegie-Mellon University, (1981) 
Ph.D, Carnegie-Mellon University, (1983)
Office: 522/520 White 
Phone: 216 368 4234


Adjunct Faculty

Mohsen Seifi, Ph.D
Adjunct Assistant Professor
MS, Case Western Reserve University, (2013)
PhD, Case Western Reserve University (2015)
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N.J.H. Holroyd, Ph.D
Adjunct Professor
BS, Newcastle University
PhD, Newcastle University


Janet Gbur
Research Associate
BS, Biology/Pre-Medicine (Kent State University), (2006) 
BE ICP-Materials Engineering (Youngstown State University), (2008)
MSE, Mechanical Engineering (Youngstown State University), (2011)
PhD, Case Western Reserve University (2018)














Affiliated Faculty

Assistant Professor
Ph.D 2012 The Ohio State University
M.S. 2008 University of California, Davis
B.S. 2006 University of California, Davis
Associate Professor
B.S. (1995), M.S. (1997), Ph.D (2000)                                       
Materials Science and Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

NRC Postdoc, U. S. Naval Research Laboratory (2000-03)


Graduate Students

Benjamin Palmer
BS, Materials Science and Engineering
Dartmouth College
Wenbin Gao
BS, Materials Science and Engineering
Tianjin University, 2011
Hannah Sims
BA, Chemistry, Hiram College, (2016) 
MS, Materials Engineering, University of Dayton, (2017)
Austin Ngo
BS, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Tennessee, (2018)
































David Scannapieco
BS, Materials Science and Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, (2019)









Yang Liu

BS, Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2017)

MS, Materials Science&Engineering, Northwestern University (2018)














Part Time MS Students

Dan Young (Timken)


Sarah Heyse (Timken)
Roderick Rebman







Undegraduate Students

Nathaniel Tomczak
Sylvie Crowell

Jackson Smith































Chris Tuma 
Co-Director: Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical Reliability Center (AMMRC)



Rich Tomazin
Foundry Engineer