Arthur P. Armington Professor of Engineering II
Director: Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical Reliability Center (AMMRC)
BS, Carnegie-Mellon University, (1979) 
ME, Carnegie-Mellon University, (1981) 
Ph.D, Carnegie-Mellon University, (1983)
Office: 522/520 White 
Phone: 216 368 4234


Adjunct Faculty

Mohsen Seifi, Ph.D
Adjunct Assistant Professor
MS, Case Western Reserve University, (2013)
PhD, Case Western Reserve University (2015)
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N.J.H. Holroyd, Ph.D
Adjunct Professor
BS, Newcastle University
PhD, Newcastle University


Janet L. Gbur
Senior Research Associate
BS, Biology/Pre-Medicine (Kent State University), (2006) 
BE, Materials Engineering (Youngstown State University), (2008)
MSE, Mechanical Engineering (Youngstown State University), (2011)
PhD, Case Western Reserve University (2018)