Multiple group members present work at MS&T Conference 2021

Multiple group members attended and presented work at the MS&T 2021 conference in Columbus, Ohio.  Below is a list of the members who presented at the conference as well as the titles of the talks they gave:

  • Hannah Sims, "Effects of Process Parameters on Fracture and Fatigue of High Deposition Rate Lase Hot Wire Processed CP-Ti Grade 2"

  • Austin Ngo, "Effects of Process Parameters, Post-processing, and Defects on Tension and Fatigue Properties of LPBF AlSi10Mg" and "Effects of Process Parameters on Fatigue Behavior and Defect Characteristics in LPBF Ti-6Al-4V"

  • David Scannapieco, "Fatigue Fracture Surface Defect Quantification for LPBF Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V" and "Evaluation of In-Situ Alloyed, Additively Manufactured GRCop-42"

  • Yang Liu, " Effects of Laser Remediation Treatments on Enviornmentally-assisted Cracking of 5xxx Aluminium Alloys and Ship Plates" and "Effects of Laser Remediation Treatments on Global vs Local Environmentally-assisted Cracking of 5xxx Series Aluminum Alloy Ship Plate"

  • Collin Sharpe, "Effects of Process Parameters and Defects on S-N Fatigue of LPBF AlSi10Mg"