Servo-Hydraulic Machines

Five MTS Model 810 computer-controlled machines with load capacities of 3 kip, 10 kip, 20 kip, 50 kip, and 50 kip permit tension, compression, bending, and cyclic fatigue studies to be conducted under load, strain, or stroke control.  An Instron Model 1331 20 kip machine is also available.  

Crack growth under quasi-static (e.g.  KIC, JIC, R-curve) and cyclic (e.g. high cycle fatigue, low cycle fatigue, fatigue crack growth) conditions may be monitored via DC potential drop technique, COD, as well as via KRAK gages applied to specimen surfaces.  FTA software along with MTS 458.20 controllers are used for generating waveforms. Data acquisition via Labview and Strawberry Tree is available, along with that provided by the FTA software, while separate high temperature cabinets are present on one of the 20 kip and one of the 50 kip machines.  These provide temperature control to +/- 1C for temperatures ranging from -125C to 600C.  In addition to a variety of bend fixtures, both hydraulic grips and high alignment Woods metal grips are available.


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MTS 50kip MTS 50kip MTS 10kip - Horizontal
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Instron 1331 20kip MTS 20kip MTS 3 Kip