Advanced Deformation Simulator

Forging Simulation Machine:

An MTS Model 311.31 multi-actuator servo-hydraulic testing machine utilizes a 110 kip and 220 kip actuator to enable cold/warm/hot forging simulations at strain rates ranging from 0.001/sec to 500/sec.  The 110 kip actuator is powered by five nitrogen accumulators that can accelerate the 110 kip actuator from a stationary position to 120”/sec over a span of 1”.  Both single sequence and multiple sequence forging events are possible with this apparatus in the evaluation of the effects of changes in strain rate on flow behavior of a wide range of materials.  Multiple sequence events can be programmed to simulate the strain rates and loading sequences present in hammer forging, rolling, and other deformation processes.  The 5” diameter loading platens and high capacity enable sub-scale forging of relatively large samples. These sub-scale samples are large enough to enable subsequent evaluation of tensile properties in various regions of the sub-scale forged billet.  The high capacity machine also enables large strain deformation to be imparted to samples in a controlled manner.  Data acquisition is obtained through LABVIEW at rates sufficient to capture the dynamic load and deformation of the sample under investigation.  High temperature (e.g. superalloy) platens are available for hot forging experiments, while a Lindberg furnace is available for pre-heating billets.  Heat tapes are also available to enable experiments to be conducted with dies pre-heated to temperatures up to 500C.


MTS 311.31 Advanced deformation simulator