Advanced Forming Apparatus

Sheet metal forming simulations can be conducted on an MTS Model 866.725 servo-hydraulic Advanced Forming Apparatus.  Forming limit diagrams can be constructed via the use of different die sets in order to vary the stress (and strain) states experienced by the material.  Larger die sets can be utilized to enable sub-scale prototyping of formed sheet products.  Metal, composite, or polymer sheets can be clamped into the die set with a maximum clamp force of 157 kip.  The punch actuator has a static punch force capacity of 150 kip and a dynamic punch force velocity at 11.8”/sec of 105 kip enabling the evaluation of relatively thick sheets (e.g. > 1mm thick) of material.  Sheet metal forming experiments can be conducted with different constant levels of clamp force, or can be conducted with a clamp force that varies during deformation.


MTS 866.725 Advanced Forming Apparatus